Worship at Home - Reflections, Pew Sheets and Useful Links
While All Saints Church is only open for limited public worship during the Covid -19 crisis, there are still many ways to meet with God, hear His word preached and join in prayer with other Christians. 


The Ministry Team at All Saints have written a series of "Reflections" which are available to download below:
Reflection on John 11
Reflection on Matthew 21 for Palm Sunday
Reflection on John 13 for Maundy Thursday
Reflection on Good Friday
Reflection on John 20 for Easter Sunday
Reflection on John 20 v19-31
Reflection for Third Sunday of Easter
Reflection on Acts 2
Reflection on John 14 - Jesus comforts his disciples
Reflection on John 14 - Jesus promises the Holy Spirit
Reflection on Acts 1 and Luke 24 for Ascension Day
Reflection for 24th May - What Next?
Reflection on Acts 2 for Pentecost
Reflection for Trinity Sunday
Reflection on Matthew 9
Reflection on Genesis 21 and Luke 15 for Father's Day
Reflection on Genesis 22
Reflection on Romans 7 and Matthew 11
Reflection on Romans 8 and Matthew 13 (1)
Reflection on the Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds
Reflection on Romans 8 and Matthew 13 (2)
Matthew 14 and Romans 9 - Sermon for 2nd August 2020
Reflection on Matthew 14 - Jesus Walks on Water
Reflection on Matthew 14
Reflection on Matthew 15
Reflection on a Mustard Seed
Reflection on Philippians 2 and John 1
Reflection on Romans 13 and Matthew 18
What Do We Believe and How Do We Respond
Parable of the Tenants Matthew 21
Reflection on Philippians 4 v 1-9 
Reflection on the Beatitudes
Reflection on Remembrance Sunday
Reflection on 1 Thessalonians 5
Reflection on Matthew 25
Reflection on Mark 1
The Three Trees - a Christmas story
Reflection on Matthew 2
Reflection for Christmas Day
Reflection for Epiphany
Reflection on Mark 1 v 4-11
Reflection on John 1
Reflection on John 2
Reflection on The Presentation of Christ in the Temple - Luke 2
Reflection on The Word became Flesh - John 1
Reflection for Ash Wednesday 2021
Reflection on The Transfiguration Mark 9
Reflection on Jesus in the Wilderness - Mark 1
Reflection on Take Up Your Cross - Mark 8
Reflection on John 2
Reflection for Mothering Sunday
Reflection on John 12
Reflection on John 20
Easter Sunday Sermon & Readings 2021
Reflection on Phillip and the Ethiopian
Reflection on Acts 10
Reflection on Jesus Prays for His Disciples
Worship at Home and Liturgy of Spiritual Communion Sheets 
There are also Worship at Home and Liturgy of Spiritual Communion sheets to keep us connected in worship while we are not able to meet together (click on the links to download).
Pew Sheet Newsletter
The All Saints Church weekly Pew Sheet Newsletters can be downloaded here:
3rd January 2021
10th January 2021
17th January 2021
24th January 2021
31st January 2021
7th February 2021
14th February 2021
21st February 2021
28th February 2021
7th March 2021
14th March 2021
21st March 2021
28th March 2021
4th April 2021
11th & 18th April 2021
9th & 16th May 2021
23rd May 2021
NB if you wish to view historic Pew Sheets for 2020 please click here
Children's Bible Story Crafts
If you have primary age children who enjoy the craft activities at Messy Church and the Morning Celebration, our Messy Church team have created a series of weekly Bible Story Crafts to download here.
More Digital Resources from The Church of England
The Church of England also has a page of useful links and digital resources available (such as live streaming services from churches, weekly service broadcasts, prayer audio and apps) - please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.