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Aid2Africa funding Waymarks Education Centre, Kenya

Smiling Child
Aid2Africa is a UK based charity providing education, food, stability, and for some, a safe place to live, for 200 children in Kenya.
They are children who are generally in the Orphan or Other
Vulnerable Child category.  This means that without the help
of Aid2Africa, they would be excluded from education.
At Waymarks Education Centre (WEC), the basic cost to fund a child is about £20 a month. This covers everything from tuition and two meals a day to uniform and exam fees, alongside basic health care and other welfare costs. 
Until last year, half this cost had come from sustainable income generated, and half direct from Aid2Africa.  Recent changes made by the Kenyan government have hit hard which has added to the pressure on funding before the costs Covid has created.  Put simply, without extra support, we are going to get to the end of 2020 with insufficient money to pay the full costs for food and wages in the new year.
If you are able to help in any way at all, your life changing support would be gratefully received.  Please click here for an information sheet about Waymarks Education Centre and how you can help.  Thank you!
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