Children's Activity Sheets
Please click on the Titles below to download a
craft activity sheet for primary aged children:
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead - make a dramatic story scene.
Palm Sunday - craft Jesus riding on a donkey with palms to wave.
Easter Sunday - create an Easter Card to send to family or friends.
Easter Egg Tree - make an Easter themed decoration
"An Easter Surprise" - double page activity sheet
"Doubting Thomas" - create a poster about faith
"The Road to Emmaus" page 1  / "The Road to Emmaus" page 2
Download both pages to make an optical illusion sheet and Walking with Jesus flip flops.
"Jesus-The Good Shepherd" page 1 / "Jesus-The Good Shepherd" page 2
Download both pages to make a cardboard roll shepherd (and for a colouring sheet).
Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" - create a colourful map to illustrate Jesus' words in John 14.
Pentecost - God's promise of His Holy Spirit - make a Thank You card (and colouring in sheet).
The Lord's Prayer - colour in and make your own Lord's Prayer booklet.
Pentecost - create a Flame Crown (to be like the disciples when the Holy Spirit danced on their heads on the Birthday of the Christian Church).
Make a 'Trinity Pyramid' to celebrate Father, Son and Holy Spirit - the three persons of God.
Create a Paper Fold Set of the 12 Apostles of Jesus
Make a poster to remind us of Jesus' words "Do not be afraid", and that we are in God's hands
Craft a mobile style decoration to remember the importance of Kindness, Welcome and Hospitality to each other.
Placecards and a Colouring Sheet to remind us that to enter God's Kingdom we should trust Him with childlike hearts

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