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Parish Church Council

The Parish Church Council is formed from an elected group of volunteers within the church community.

Its role is to act as guardian of the church site and to develop the wider church ministry.

You will always find members of the PCC in the church and they will welcome you speaking to them about any aspect of their work or to offer you advice and support for your own development in faith.  The PCC members include all the ministry team and:

Julie Print.jpg

Andy Parker

Marilyn Brown


 Dawn Waterton

Julie Print

Deanery Synod

Kerry Parker

Deanery Synod

     Ian Morris

Site  Manager

Iain Print.jpg

Iain Print



John Merrick

Gill Charlton


Dan Bridgwater.jpg

Dan Bridgwater

Colin Brown 

Church Warden

Margaret Merrick

Church Warden

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