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School Links

All Saints is proud of its links with local schools.  We welcome them into the church to enhance their understanding of the church's role in the community and explore our amazing building.

We have links with our local Secondary School and three Primary Schools.  We are currently building links with a fourth Primary School which serves a new housing development as well as an established part of our parish.

Our links to our Church School are very strong and we regularly lead assemblies and welcome the school into the church building for termly services.  We also provide other support for the school which ranges from listening to children read to engaging with children in their classes.

Open the Book

Is a programme of themed and dramatised Bible stories which are presented

in the school's regular assembly time.  It is delivered by a team of volunteer story

tellers using drama, mime, props, costumes and even the children themselves!!  

Its purpose is to give children another, deeper insight into some of the Bible stories they hear in school by enabling them to see them performed and be confident enough to participate.  They are encouraged to reflect on what they see and hear and ask questions.  This they never fail to do!

The children and their teachers really enjoy this engaging and interactive way to understand more about the Bible. There is a small team of five currently working on the programme, however there is always room for new recruits on this popular addition to the school RE curriculum.  If you have time in the day and would like to join us, contact  the Parish Office, for more information.

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